Microblading + Permanent Makeup


As an international model from France, Delphine always noticed beautiful eyebrows, especially since hers weren’t so naturally full. ​After having her own brows done, she fell in love with the techniques and results of microblading, and decided to help others as an artist.

With certificates from two continents, she customizes her work to your individualized styles and needs. Her specialty is a natural look, her “Eyebrow Couture.”

Her passion is to make people feel great about themselves and their appearance, which also means volunteering her skills and services to cancer patients.

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Permanent Makeup and Scar/Tattoo Removal


Microblading is when a super-fine pen deposits a semi-permanent pigment into the skin to create a natural look. Each stroke looks like a single brow hair that blends perfectly with your skin coloring and facial features.


Recommended in conjunction with microblading, shading ensures your brows appear natural and full. Results are akin to the brow pencil look.

Powder Effect

Powder effect incorporates pigment into the top layer of skin through a single-needle application. It’s light but thorough, and heals rapidly with little to no pain.

Eyes Enhancement

Eyes enhancement incorporates a small, delicate layer of pigment between the lashes to give a fuller, thicker, and radiant natural look.

Lip Beauty Effect and Shading Treatment

The lip beauty effect and shading treatment rounds out lips that were previously asymmetrical. The procedure adds depth, and gives greater fullness and definition to the contours of your lips. This treatment is performed without any injections for a very natural approach and result.

With shading, you can choose the shade of your lips. Done together, the results dramatically enhance the color and shape of your lips.

Previous Brow Treatment or Tattoo Removal

Delphine’s previous brow treatment or tattoo removal is one of the best and safest techniques available to clients in need of small removals. She’s a certified Phiremoval Artist who created this procedure as a skin care product.

It’s a significantly better alternative to surgical removal, which is very painful, and leaves scars. Delphine’s methods are highly effective, and offer cleaner results.

Areola Repair

Areola repair is a medical, semi-permanent makeup solution in which pigment is implanted into the skin of a breast reconstruction to recreate the color and shape of the nipple-areola complex. The aim of this procedure is to create an areola that is as realistic as possible.

This solution minimizes the appearance of breast scars and improves areola irregularities, restoring them to a natural shape and symmetry.

Scar Repair

Scar repair through pigmentation is a treatment that repairs different types of scars: atrophic ones like acne or hypertrophic ones such as those that occur from surgery, burns, or post-pregnancy stretchmarks.

This treatment functions as an automatic therapy system that stimulates blood flow to the surface, and stimulates collagen re-growth.

Delphine’s specialties are all a part of her philosophy of “wanting to repair people.” Those repairs come in the forms of eyebrow microblading, microblading + shading, powder effect, eyes enhancement, lip shading, previous treatment or tattoo removal, and areola and scar repair.*

BEFORE & AFTER (Unretouched photo.)