Restore, rejuvenate and replenish your skin with a Medical Facial! Tribeca MedSpa’s highly customizable Medical Facials take a clinical approach to address a variety of skincare concerns, such as fighting signs of aging, dry skin, uneven skin texture and acne. Our Medical Facials include cleansing, exfoliation, extractions and a custom mask. Many of our facial treatment also include gentle laser known as “Laser Genesis” to enhance results. 
During your customized treatment, a combination of medical-grade skincare products are used by our esteemed team of medical providers. With the use of these products, medical-grade facials can penetrate beyond the surface to address concerns on a deeper level; for example, products may be professional-strength and contain a higher concentration of active ingredients.
Regularly scheduled facial treatments are an important part of a comprehensive skincare routine, and are key to achieving healthy, hydrated, clear skin. When exfoliated on a consistent basis, the skin cell turnover rate increases, resulting in a more youthful and brighter skin tone. In addition, this treatment also improves circulation and stimulates collagen production, the foundation to fresh, firm skin.
Depending on your skin’s needs, additional facial treatments may be recommended, such as Dermaplaning or Chemical Peels to achieve a deeper level of exfoliation to balance and smooth the skin. LED light therapy may also be added to further enhance your treatment. 
To maximize and prolong results, we recommended incorporating an at-home skincare regimen, which your medical provider will also review with you.
Because these treatments are customizable, they are an effective skincare treatment for just about anyone. During your Complimentary Consultation, a medical provider will go over your medical history, talk about your concerns and discuss what type of results you can expect, including which treatment plan is right for you.
  • Signature Facial

    Skin conditions vary from day to day. At Tribeca MedSpa, no two facials are the same!Your skin type never changes, but your skin condition does. Preventative facials are...

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  • Laser Retexturizing

    One of the favorites amongst men and women is this powerful combination of exfoliation and laser skin rejuvenation, which is ideal for...

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  • Multi Mask Facial

    Combat dull, dry or irritated skin with this hydrating and rejuvenating treatment. We begin with an exfoliation customized for your...

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  • Micro-Channeling

    Micro-Channeling is designed to rejuvenate, refresh and revitalize the skin, reducing visible signs of aging in as little as...

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  • Stem Cell Therapy

    The Stem Cell Therapy treatment begins with an exfoliation, which will remove dead skin cells, creating an unobstructed pathway to...

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