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Tired of ruining silk blouses, applying aluminum-free deodorants that don’t work, or looking to go straight from spin to dinner with friends? MiraDry is the first and only non-invasive treatment proven to destroy sweat and odor glands permanently- that’s right, permanently!

In just 1 hour, this one time, FDA-Cleared treatment uses laser energy to target glands in your underarm for immediate and lasting results.* Whether you are bothered by underarm sweat, frustrated by stained shirts, or just seeking a natural, toxin-free lifestyle, MiraDry is the solution.

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Will I start sweating in other places to compensate?

Not at all! While your body does need sweat glands to cool itself, your body has 2-4 million sweat glands and only about 2% are found in your underarms.

How many treatments will I need?

If you are considering MiraDry for a lifestyle change, typically one treatment. If you suffer from severe hyperhidrosis, you may need two treatments.

What is the downtime?

Most patients describe the procedure as painless with minimal downtime. Most patients return to regular activity immediately. Exercise is typically resumed within several days. You may experience swelling, numbness, bruising, and sensitivity in the underarm area for several days after treatment.

How does MiraDry work?

MiraDry uses thermal energy to create heat in the area where bothersome sweat and odor glands reside and safely eliminates them.