Plasma Fibroblast Pen

Reimagining cosmetic surgery, Plasma Fibroblast is the kinder, non-invasive, and fully effective alternative sweeping the beauty industry. A Plasma Pen sends finely guided electrostatic pulses, creating an electrical arc that instantly shrinks targeted skin. The process stimulates the body’s own regeneration of fibroblasts, in turn spiking collagen production while tightening skin. The handheld pen can treat a wide range of areas and concerns, from face, neck, and belly wrinkles; to stretch marks and scars; to raised or flat skin tags, milias, moles, and age spots. Your skin will look tighter immediately, and you will continue to see significant results over the course of several weeks as your skin heals.*

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How long does the procedure take and is it painful?

The treatment time varies with what your goals are but can take one to four hours. Around 30 minutes is necessary before the procedure for a numbing cream to be applied and take effect.

Is it painful?

Some patients experience a heat sensation in the treatment area, equivalent to sunburn discomfort. Scabbing occurs with the healing process and can last an average of 5 to 7 days. Itching is also common as the skin heals.

BEFORE & AFTER (Unretouched photos)