Tribeca Medspa

I really hate shaving and I have extremely sensitive skin, which makes shaving even more dreadful. After shaving I used to always get these red bumps and I wouldn’t even dare to put on deodorant. I was finally ready to stop torturing myself with shaving and I decided to get laser hair removal, but was concerned about the affects of laser treatments. As a black woman, I was concerned about hyper pigmentation. I had heard that black women couldn’t get laser treatments, but the aesthetician there, Camellia, explained to me that they have a laser just for women of color. I felt Camellia was very knowledgeable and was honest with me about what to expect. It didn’t even hurt that bad, it was like getting multiple pinches in a row. I’ve also had the pleasure of getting a facial with Camellia and she has the lightest, warmest touch. If you’re serious, go to Tribeca Medspa.