Tribeca Medspa

Hey! Just wanted to thank your office for having me in the end of October. I was visiting from Guadalajara to do some Christmas shopping. I had THE best time of my life!!! By myself in NY!!! It was awesome!! EVEN though i was longer due to the hurricane, I was so glad to be there, and your office made my trip even better!! When my daughter first saw me come off the air plane, she said “Wow Mom? You look so pretty!!” She is 15, so that is a very high compliment! She even commented on my skin!!! I notice my skin glowed for a week after the Genesis treatment. so I need to come back for more of that. The Botox, Juvederm, when applied was probably the best experience I have had so far REALLY thankful for that also. And I have faithfully used my products Thanks so much. Happy Holidays and I hope you all did ok during Sandy!