Customized Home Regimens

We often find the most common mistake made when using and purchasing skincare products is the tendency to be ‘reactive’. For example, if you have a “break-out,” you might buy an acne product even though your skin type isn’t actually acne-prone. Using an acne product on dry skin, for example, sets your skin into a reactive mode where it tries to compensate for the sudden change, leading to inconsistent reactions. In a nutshell, using the wrong products can make your skin worse.

By letting a skincare professional determine your skin type, you can properly care for your skin based on what it is currently doing, as well as what you want to prevent it from doing down the road.

All of our consultations are complimentary – it’s time to stop wasting money on products that aren’t effective for your skin and get started with a home care regimen customized just for you!


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