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A healthy body, and healthy skin, starts in the gut. When the gut flora is out of balance (due to diet, antibiotic use, lifestyle choices and environment), the result can be breakouts, skin redness, dermatitis, stomach and digestion issues, increased cholesterol, anxiety, depression, obesity and chronic pain. That’s where prebiotics (acts like food for probiotics) and probiotics (good bacteria that keeps the bacteria in the gut in check) come in, which are superstar ingredients in our nutritious supergreens-, superfruits- and superfoods-rich protein powder that rebalances the body from the inside out.

Providing long-lasting energy and a dose of fiber, the plant-based antioxidant and anti-inflammatory-packed formula limits internal inflammation, in turn helping to improve skin clarity, redness and imperfections. - Formulated with organic pumpkin and pea protein - 110 calories (17 grams of protein) -pH balancing and alkalizing - Decadent chocolate flavor - Vegan


Key ingredients include Organic Pumpkin protein, loaded with iron, pumpkin is a natural source of protein. Dandelion is also included, which is a good source of vitamin A, often praised with its detoxifying properties.


Mix 2 scoops of powder with milk or almond milk and enjoy.