Cryo Ball Cooling Globes (set of two)


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Cryo Ball Therapy is the ultimate at home skincare tool. These globes soothe redness and inflammation, aid in product penetration and increase blood circulation.

KEY FEATURES & BENEFITS: * Reduces swelling and puffiness in the eye area * Decreases sinus congestion * Improves inflamed acne lesions by decreasing swelling and reducing redness * Minimizes the appearance of pores * Product absorption is increased * Ideal for jet lagged, dehydrated skin * Aids in healing by reducing the heat in the skin post procedure * Increases circulation resulting in glowing skin * Contours the face and sculpts cheekbones * Highly Durable * Micro-beads help to retain cooling


Globes are made of a durable quartz material and micro-beads.


Store Cryoball Globes in the freezer. The globes will glide easier over serums, moisturizers and masks that are thicker in consistency. They also work well over BioCellulose sheet masks. Glide or roll globes over the face in slow, gentle movements, taking time to pause on the eye area and in areas with more inflammation or breakouts, allowing them to cool and calm any redness. Cryoball Globes be used daily to boost your skincare routine. Clean the globes after each use. Refer to your provider for post procedure directions.