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Bridal Beau-ty

12 May 2017

Wedding season is fast approaching and brides-to-be everywhere are meticulously checking off their to-do lists one item at a time. Venue, caterer, flowers, photographer, band, the DRESS…I can completely relate to the feeling of wanting to make every detail perfect. But wait, what about the health of the bride? Even the most type A brides…Read More

Veggie Chili

23 February 2017

For those of us in the northeast, this weather is very confusing. One day it feels like Spring, the next I’m pulling out my parka. Fortunately, chili is one of those foods that makes sense all year round and in any kind of weather, especially when it’s veggie-based. During these last few weeks of variable…Read More

Nut and Seed Grain-Free Granola

22 February 2017

I made this recipe for my kids’ cooking class a few weeks ago and it was loved by all – adults and kids. That is always the ultimate goal. I hate the idea of making kid-specific foods. Our little ones should be able to eat real food just like adults. Luckily, this group of kids…Read More

Basic Guacamole with a Twist

21 February 2017

Does guacamole really need an introduction? I would be happy to eat this guacamole for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is SO good. Mild enough that those kiddos love it – tested and approved. Enough flavor to keep your taste buds alert and interested. Top it with pomegranate seeds during holiday season or mix in…Read More

Cauliflower Pizza Crust

20 February 2017

Like many people, if my husband had one food he could eat at every meal for the rest of his life, hands down, it would be pizza. I don’t have a problem with pizza—nowadays, there are many alternatives to the traditional slice that at least amp up the nutrient-density of your meal. You have the…Read More

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

29 January 2017

I am in LOVE with this soup and hope that you will be too. It is velvety, creamy (without any cream) and delicious. This soup is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. I highly recommend making it in bulk and freezing – it will be the gift that keeps on giving. Recipe: Yield: 7 cups Prep Time:…Read More

Red Onion and Herb Mini Frittatas

24 January 2017

Not having enough time to properly meal plan is a common reason for why many of us get caught with no health-supportive meals or snacks in sight. What comes next?…we grab for the most convenient meal substitute replacement bar, or search our drawers for the quickest snack we have on hand. Stop the madness! Don’t…Read More

Kale and Brussel Sprout Salad with Pomegranate Seeds and Walnuts

10 January 2017

This salad needs no introduction. It consists of only four ingredients, but it packs a punch of flavor. It is my go to salad in the winter because it is festive and beautiful, and is sure to make any cold, gloomy day just a little bit better. I enjoy using the mandolin when making this salad,…Read More

New Year’s Resolutions: How to Make Them Count

28 December 2016

New Year’s resolutions – can’t live with them, can’t live without them. During the last few days of December, no one wants to admit that they haven’t achieved their goals for the year. As a result, many people decide to wipe the slate clean and start fresh come January 1st. It sounds hopeful, but in…Read More

Checking In: A Glimpse of Our Health

23 December 2016

Oh happy day! The holidays are fast approaching and the hopeful spirit of the New Year can be felt throughout the city. Hold on to the positive energy – the unique dynamism of this time of year is not to be taken for granted. There is a catch – just like all other areas of…Read More

Calories In-Calories Out: A Misguided Approach to Sustainable Weight Loss

19 December 2016

If you are above the age of 25, you have likely already experienced a self-dialogue that goes something like this: “I will reduce my calories for the next week and lose weight by New Year’s…the wedding…my birthday”… you name it. And, if you are older than 30, you’ve also probably experienced a simultaneous self-doubt that…Read More

Quick Tips: Parent’s Guide to Picky Eating

08 December 2016

No explanation. No fuss. Pure, simple tips from me to you to get your childrens’ nutrition on track. I must admit – I debated if it was realistic to categorize these strategies for managing, or rather, avoiding kitchen battles with your children as a part of my quick tips series. When it comes to dealing…Read More

Parents’ Guide to Picky Eating – Phase One

06 December 2016

Nurture versus nature? This is the ultimate perfectionist parents’ question to almost any ‘off the beaten path’ behavior that their children exhibit. Whether it’s calling out an answer in class without raising their hands, or being terrified to say goodbye to mommy on the first day of school, some kids have more mischievous tendencies, while…Read More

Quick Tips: Environmental Awareness Edition

01 December 2016

The holiday season is all about giving back and putting our best foot forward as the New Year approaches. When it comes to health, we are all guilty of placing emphasis on ourselves – how can I lose weight, will you help me control my blood sugar…? These questions are totally reasonable and should continue…Read More

Crazy For Cauliflower

23 November 2016

I am feeling overzealous this week and decided to share another recipe with you in honor of Thanksgiving. Food and family is the best possible combo- I LOVE this holiday so much and I can’t control my excitement. I know I’m not in the minority here, but I also recognize that the stress of hosting…Read More

Holiday Eating

21 November 2016

Some of us may believe that we have tactfully mastered the art of eating well over the holidays. Others of us struggle a little bit more with achieving this balance. And then there are some of us that undoubtedly end up in a food-coma shame-spiral that starts in November and possibly continues until our self-proclaimed…Read More

Homemade Vegetable Stock

16 November 2016

Thanksgiving is a holiday that is all about yum-yum food and quality time with family and friends. Nothing should come in the way of this blissful day of eating and being grateful. In order to make sure that Thanksgiving remains a holiday that is cherished by ALL – including the designated home chefs – early…Read More


09 November 2016

November is upon us, which means the next few months will be full of cocktail parties, holiday celebrations, family gatherings and bottomless boozing and consuming. We will tackle that challenge to our waistline in some time, but for now I want to bring your attention to another joy (sarcasm) of the fall-winter transitional months –…Read More

Quick Tips: Hydration Edition

08 November 2016

No explanation. No fuss. Pure, simple tips from me to you to get your nutrition on track. 1. Water – you can’t live without it. Ideally 10-12 cups per day, but a daily minimum of at least 8 cups. Start by assessing your fluid needs based on the color of your urine, seasonal temperature changes…Read More

Parent’s Guide to Sweets and Treats

02 November 2016

As parents, you’ve probably read every source on how to limit your children’s’ sugar consumption during this holiday season. Every year, the same struggle.  The battle between being overly restrictive versus completely laissez faire seems like an inevitable lose-lose. On the one hand, you hear the fearful voices of the naysayers warning you against taking…Read More

DIY Pumpkin Face Mask

28 October 2016

Last but most certainly not least, is it time for the DIY pumpkin face mask. It seems only fitting to try to maximize the functionality of the pumpkin with a simple beauty pick-me-up.  Kick back, pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy this soothing face mask right in time for the weekend! An undeniable…Read More

Spiced Pumpkin Seeds

27 October 2016

Both spicy and sweet, these pumpkin seeds are the perfect topping for a pureed soup, a vegetable mash and even mixed into your Greek yogurt. I love it so much that I tend to make it in big batches and then store it in a tightly sealed container in the fridge to use in as…Read More

Balsamic Glazed Mushrooms and Onions

27 October 2016

This is one of my easiest, go-to recipes when I need to add some vegetables to a meal that isn’t looking quite so balanced yet. It may be served as a delicious side dish by itself, mixed into your favorite grain, or as a topping for your new favorite recipe of lemony pumpkin hummus :)….Read More

Lemony Pumpkin Hummus: Three Ways

27 October 2016

What would be the fun in tripling down on pumpkin this week, without doubling the triple down dose with my pumpkin hummus? NO FUN. No fun at all. That is the only correct answer. Well, fear not. I have three variations of my pumpkin hummus for you. To make it easy, the base of the…Read More

Festive Pumpkin Carrot Muffins

26 October 2016

Oh pumpkin, thou pumpkin. Weeks of pumpkin overload can truly drive one crazy. To partake or not to partake in all the hype is the real question…. Well, instead of being a pumpkin basher, I decided to join in on the fun. It is way too early in the holiday season to be thinking with…Read More

Eat the Rainbow

21 October 2016

Can we agree that the guideline to “eat your fruits and veggies” is outdated? We’ve moved on from this generalization, and supercharged nutrition advice for everyone to “eat the rainbow” – another cliché recommendation! No matter the specific message, we must admit that these sound bites resonate with us because they are catchy. That is,…Read More

Hello and Welcome!

20 October 2016

Hello and welcome! My name is Alix, and I am the new Director of Nutrition and Wellness at Tribeca MedSpa! I am excited to start this nutrition blog to take you on an adventurous, health journey with me. My enthusiasm for the field of nutrition stems from my belief that a healthy lifestyle is universally…Read More