Category: Skin Concerns

treatments for sun spot removal
04 March 2021

Treatments for Sun Spot Removal

Chronic, cumulative damage from the sun isn’t responsible only for wrinkles, dry skin and fine lines, it’s also the culprit behind those unsightly sun spots  — also known as age spots, brown...

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How to stop excessive sweating- Medical Spa New York
05 November 2020

How to Stop Excessive Sweating with miraDry

It’s time for us to have a conversation about something all of us deal with: sweat. Our bodies use sweating to regulate body temperature, and—with an average of three million sweat glands on the...

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Microneedling Treatment - Microneedling NYC
19 October 2020

Taking Microneedling to the Next Level

We like to think of ourselves as skin transformation experts, which is why we love recommending treatments like microneedling to our clients. However, unlike many service providers, we believe that...

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