Prevent Premature Aging

First and foremost, we all know how important it is to treat your skin right. Forget all the products with harsh chemicals and ingredients that just end up clogging your pores, or even dehydrating your skin. At Tribeca MedSpa, we emphasize the importance of a customized skin regimen, tailored to what your skin needs; after all, no two skin types are the same.

There are many skin treatments that help maintain skin’s youthfulness, health and glow. One of the most popular treatments among both men and women is our Laser Retexturizing Treatment. This treatment combines a deep exfoliation with a rejuvenating laser session. The most common methods of exfoliation are dermaplaning and vibradermabrasion, both which remove any dead, dry skin cells. This exfoliation is followed by Laser Genesis, which eliminates fine lines and wrinkles, large pores and uneven skin tone. This laser stimulates collagen production, promoting vibrancy and combating premature aging. The combination of treatments makes a perfect pair since the exfoliation allows the laser to penetrate deep into the layers of the skin, revealing a rejuvenated, healthy appearance and texture.

Using the right products can do wonders to prevent signs of premature aging such as wrinkles, sun damage and a dry, dull complexion as well. Lately we have been loving LifeLine Skincare to combat signs of aging. LifeLine uses a unique combination of concentrated peptides and growth factors derived from non-embryonic stem-cells to create products that will reveal a brighter complexion, while minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. LifeLine’s products also prevent dehydration while promoting firmness and tightness of the skin. Check out LifeLine’s Day Serum, Night Serum, Eye Cream, Neck Cream and Exfoliator here.

Lastly, there are many precautions to take at home to fight the signs of premature aging. Click here to read about how the foods you eat can affect your skin and aging process- we all know, you are what you eat!

The Importance of Your Skin Being Ready for Summer

Now that summer is around the corner, we can only imagine the list of things on your to-do list: fish out the bathing suits, flips flops and sunhats, pick up some sunscreen, plan the next family beach day, or a trip to the water park for the kids… but there’s one more thing to add to that checklist… taking care of your skin. Even if you can’t find the time for regular facials, or a strict skincare regimen is overwhelming, the turn of the season is the most important time to show your skin some extra love. The change in the weather can be abrupt, especially here in New York City. Your skin needs some TLC and we’ve got just the trick.

Getting rid of all the dead skin cells and build up from the past months is one of the most effective ways to prep your skin for the upcoming season. The Laser Retexturizing treatment is a favorite among both men and women, and combines exfoliation with a rejuvenating laser treatment to stimulate collagen production and reveal a smoother and brighter complexion immediately. You’ll reap the benefits of this treatment all summer long!

One form of exfoliation, excellent on its own or paired in the Laser Retexturizing treatment is Dermaplaning. Dermaplaning gently removes the outer most layers of dead skins using a 10 gauge scalpel. This painless treatment removes peach fuzz, allowing your products to sink into your skin or makeup application to appear flawless. Dermaplaning’s effects are immediate and include brighter, smoother skin. Even better, this treatment is safe for women who are pregnant or nursing!

Another great treatment for the turn of the season is a Glycolic Peel. As we age, our skin cell turnover naturally slows down, which can lead to a dull, dry appearance. Peels stimulate that cell turnover, restoring the radiant and vibrant appearance of youthful skin.

If you’re looking to revamp your skincare routine or add something to your beach bag arsenal, here are a few summer-time favorites that allow you to treat your skin at home or on the go.

Rose Water is an essential product all year long, but even more so during the summer. This mist is hands-down the most versatile product, and is perfect for daily pick-me ups on hot summer days. Try keeping yours in the refrigerator for a refreshing and cooling spray. Rose Water is known for its calming properties, and is excellent for reducing redness and irritation from the hot, sticky weather. Rose Water also soothes, which makes it the perfect toner if you accidentally get sunburn.  At Tribeca MedSpa, we love to carry Rose Water with us to wipe our skin down in between sunscreen applications, or to hydrate after a swim… Chlorine and salt water can be harsh!

Another must-have is SkinCeuticals’ Phyto Corrective Masque. This cooling gel is packed with concentrated botanical extracts, great to soothe aggravated skin or to hydrate and restore. This masque alleviates discomfort while reducing redness, making it the perfect masque post-sun exposure or after swimming in chlorine and salt water.

Vitamin C is an essential product for all year long, but can be especially useful during the summertime. SkinCeutical’s CE Ferulic works on a molecular level to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays and other environmental damage. CE Ferulic’s unique formulation also soothes the skin, and is perfect to help heal sunburn.

Of course, we can’t forget about sunscreen, so read about some of our favorites here and protect your skin from those harmful rays. You’ll thank us later.

Vacation Season, Here We Come!

Okay, so the piles of hardened, dirty snow at every street corner may be misleading… but summer is right around the corner! How are you going to prepare for the sun, warm weather and the vacation season we have been dreaming of for the last six months? Here at Tribeca MedSpa, we offer endless ways to get your skin and body ready for the days in the sand starting from the inside out. Laser Hair Removal, TruSculpt and BabyFoot are a few of many items on our summer-prep checklist.

One of the many hassles of swimsuit season is the incessant shaving, razor bumps, or painful waxing appointments that come along with the territory. Experience the liberation that comes along with never shaving again and do yourself a favor! At Tribeca MedSpa, we use a variety of Laser Hair Removal equipment to ensure that any guest can receive an effective treatment no matter the hair type or skin tone. Get started with a consultation today, so you can be ready for the upcoming season… You’ll thank us when you can just run down to the beach at a moment’s notice. 😉

TruSculpt is another must-have treatment here at Tribeca MedSpa to get your summer body ready quickly, and most importantly, effortlessly. When diet and exercise aren’t enough to fix those stubborn problem areas, TruSculpt’s technology offers a non-invasive solution. TruScultpt uses radio frequency to heat adipose (fat) tissue in order to melt away fat, reduce the appearance of cellulite, and tighten skin.

Let’s not even talk about how frustration sandal season can be when you have dry, cracked or rough feet. We all have that dead skin that even the most expensive pedicures can’t smooth. As we head into those vacations, we find ourselves slipping into backless sandals and wedges, wishfully thinking of feet as smooth as a baby’s. Featured on the Today show, BabyFoot is the perfect at-home foot peel, sure to remove layers and layers of dead skin cells. BabyFoot is formulated with 17 natural extracts to exfoliate your feet while leaving them moisturized. Say goodbye to dry and cracked soles and hello to cute flip flops!

Ready for vacation and summer? Schedule a complimentary consultation today!

Did Somebody Say Baby?

Whether you’re expecting, nursing or planning for a baby, Tribeca MedSpa has plenty of treatments and products that are safe and effective for a woman with a baby on her mind. Here is a list of pregnancy-safe services, perfect for a little pampering or for combating hormonal skin:

• Customized Facials: At Tribeca MedSpa, no two facials are the same. Whether you are looking to detoxify clogged pores, nourish dry skin, or both, one of our customized facials will leave your skin feeling hydrated and rejuvenated.

Dermaplaning: Our Dermaplaning treatment gently removes the outer most layer of dead skin, revealing a softer, smoother complexion.   Vellus hair, also referred to as peach fuzz, is removed during the treatment, and the immediate result is fresh, bright skin.

Vibradermabrasion : Vibradermabrasion is the latest technology as a safer, less invasive alternative to Micro­dermabrasion. This treatment exfoliates dry skin cells leaving fresh, healthy cells for nourishment and hydration.

• Stem Cell Therapy: Stem Cell Therapy is ideal for anyone looking to address minimal to moderate wrinkles, fine lines and skin laxity. Stem Cell Therapy combines Vibradermabrasion or Dermaplaning to exfoliate the skin, followed by a topical stem cell serum to promote a more youthful, refreshed and radiant appearance.

Below is a list of pregnancy-safe products categorized by step and skin type.

Product Key:

AA: Anti- Aging
O: Normal to Oily Skin
D: Normal to Dry Skin
A: Acne Prone Skin


• Citrus Burst Gel (O, A)
• Crème of Nectar Soothing Wash (D)
• Phyto Lipid Hydrating Scrub (AA)
• Foaming Gel Cleanser (O,A)
• Gentle Cleanser (D)


• Rose Water (D,O,A)
• Nu Derm Toner (D,O,A)


• Biocellulose Masque (D, AA)
• Clarifying Clay Masque (AA, A)
• Hydrate B5 Mask (D, AA)
• Phloretin CF (AA)
• Phyto + (AA)
• Redness Neutralizer (A)
• CE Ferulic (AA)
• Epidermal Repair (AA)


• Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum (D,AA)
• Hyaluronic Hydrating Whip (AA,D)
• Squalene Moisture Seal (D,AA)
• Hydrate Luxe (D, AA)
• Hydrate Moisturizer (AA)
• Metacell Renewal B3 (AA)
• Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2 (AA)


• Oil-Free Sunblock, SPF 30 (AA)
• Sun Shield, SPF 50 (AA)
• Physical Fusion UV Defense (AA)
• Weightless SPF (AA)
• Mineral Sunscreen Stick, SPF 40 (AA)
• Quick Dry Body Spray SPF 40 (AA)


• Elastiderm Eye Complex Serum (AA)
• Elastiderm Eye Cream (AA)

Come in for a complimentary consultation to determine a treatment plan and home care regimen that is best for you and your skincare needs! Request an appointment today!

Product Spotlight: SkinCeuticals Biocellulose Restorative Masque

SkinCeutical’s Biocellulose Masque is not only an excellent biweekly replenishing mask, but it is also specifically formulated to facilitate the recovery process after abrasive or irritating treatments. This sheet mask’s unique fabric acts as an artificial skin barrier, allowing for breathability while restoring skin’s moisture.

This sheet mask is an excellent treatment for:

• Traveling (Our Tribeca MedSpa staff loves to use this sheet mask on flights to combat dehydration and clogged pores!)
• Women who are pregnant (This mask is completely safe to use for women who are pregnant or nursing, and soothes any discomfort cause by hormonal skin.)
• Anyone who has dry, dull or irritated skin, and is looking for immediate hydration.

It can also alleviate any discomfort and provide relief to the skin:

• Post laser treatments
• Post chemical peels
• Post sunburn

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Let’s face it: We’ve all been trying to find the perfect gifts for Father’s Day, which always seems to sneak up on us! This year, Tribeca MedSpa wants to make celebrating the special men in your lives a whole lot easier for you. Take advantage of our Father’s Day Promotion, for every $200 you spend on dad, you’ll receive $50 off your next treatment. Shh… He’ll think it’s for him, but it’s really for you! Below is a list of Tribeca MedSpa’s favorite must-haves for men, sure to put a smile on Dad’s face!


Laser Hair Removal: Alright, ladies: this one’s really for you! Lately, more and more men are turning to laser hair removal to either remove or thin out unwanted, pesky hair. Tired of that hair on your man’s back? Our medical providers will work with your loved one to customize a treatment plan that will best achieve your desired look!

Customized Facials: We all know dad would never do this for himself, but dads need time to relax too! At Tribeca MedSpa, all of our facials are completely customized to one’s skincare concerns and needs. Our Tribeca Classic Facial will detoxify, nourish and hydrate the skin, leaving it looking healthy and rejuvenated.

Neurotoxin Injection: Treat your loved one to one of our three neurotoxins, Botox, Dysport or Xeomin, sure to reveal a refreshed and younger appearance by targeting fine lines and wrinkles. After all, men want to turn back the hands of time as well!


LifeLine Eye Firming Complex: A favorite among men, this eye cream is packed with peptides derived from non-embryonic stems cells proven to nurture both collagen and elastin production. Made with vitamins C and E, along with caffeine and hyaluronic acid, this eye cream will treat common signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles while also promoting a firm and bright eye area. This cream has been receiving amazing feedback from men, both for its noticeable results and its easy application process.

Regenica Repair Complex: This repair complex is the perfect after-shave, sure to leave skin nourished and silky smooth. This lightweight cream is specially formulated to accelerate cell renewal, and is gentle enough to use on sensitive skin.

DNA Citrus Burst Gel: This all natural cleanser is popular among men, not only for its refreshing citrus scent, but also for its nourishing properties. Formulated with organic oils, such as Grapefruit, Lime, Tangerine and Lemongrass oils, this cleanser is sure to leave your man’s skin feeling both smooth and hydrated.

PCA Weightless Protection: This lightweight sunscreen is the perfect gift to protect the skin all summer long. This sunscreen is broad spectrum, with no scent or chalky feel, making it a must-have for everyone! Sunscreen should be the last step in everyone’s skincare routine, all year round. Read more about Skin Cancer Awareness here.

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Spring Into Action

Whether you’re defining “spring” as the season between winter and summer, or as a sudden leap or jump towards something, there’s no denying that these Spring months are the perfect time to revamp your life. Between cleaning out your closet, your living room, your storage unit or even that one bedside drawer you keep throwing everything into, it’s easy to forget about your skincare routine. Here are Tribeca MedSpa’s favorite ways to rejuvenate for Springtime!

Start Your Morning Off Right: One of the simplest things to do in the morning, yet somehow also the hardest, is to drink a full glass of water right when you wake up. Not only does this rehydrate your body after a good night’s sleep, but it also leaves you feeling more refreshed, boosting your body’s natural energy. Many people don’t realize that this also kick-starts your metabolism, preparing it for the rest of the day to come. Try adding some lemon to your water for even more benefits, like boosted immunity and anti-inflammation.

Rose Water: There’s no better time to start using this essential than right now. Spring’s inconsistent weather conditions can often leave skin feeling dry, clogged and dull. Rose water’s hydrating and soothing properties are perfect for this time of year, whether used as a refreshing mid-day pick-me-up or as an antibacterial toner. (Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post all about the wonders of rose water. Warning: it’s addictive!)

Antioxidant: Applying an antioxidant is one of the most commonly overlooked steps in a skin care routine, but easily one of the most important. Using a serum with Vitamin C every morning can lighten, brighten and tighten the skin. And the benefits don’t stop there. One such as SkinCeutical’s Phloretin CF will not only prevent future sun damage, but it will also help combat and correct existing damage, perfect for preparing your skin for the upcoming summer months. SkinCeutical’s CE Ferulic helps promote collagen production revealing a youthful complexion, while protecting skin from environmental aging.

Dermaplane: Dermaplane, dermaplane, dermaplane! One of our top treatments, dermaplaning, is excellent on its own or combined with other services (like a hydrating facial, laser treatment, or even a chemical peel). Dermaplaning manually exfoliates any dead skin cells and ‘peach fuzz’ on the surface of the skin, revealing a glowing, smooth complexion. Dermaplaning not only allows products to penetrate deeper, but it also aids in a more flawless application of makeup− perfect for a fresh, new you!

The Magic Bullet of Anti-Aging

Tretinoin is a topical skincare product derived from Vitamin A that has been on the market for over 20 years.  While tretinoin was first prescribed as an acne solution, the anti-aging effects on the skin were undeniable.  A double-blind study (done in 1988) of tretinoin’s effect on photodamaged skin found that all 30 patients who completed the 16-week study showed a significant improvement including diminished wrinkles and brown spots.

Tretinoin, also known by the brand name Retin-A, has years of scientific backing on its ability to boost cell-turnover, normalize melanocyte cells (which produce pigment) and even stimulate collagen production.  With proven results in all three of these key factors of anti-aging, the question is: Why isn’t everyone using tretinoin?

Lack of user education has affected tretinoin’s popularity.  Even when used correctly (slowly, often beginning with just a pea-sized application for the entire face once or twice a week) the product can be irritating, causing some users to give up before seeing the positive effects.  Redness, irritation, flaking and in some cases breakouts can happen for the first 8 weeks of use.  When properly educated about how the product works and following careful dosage, your skin will build a tolerance to the product and you can minimize the negative side effects.  Quality formulations such as Obagi’s tretinoin also minimize this initial irritation.  Even so, in today’s ‘instant’ age some users find that toughing it out now for guaranteed results later is an exercise in patience.  Even in the 21st century, the truth is that good things come to those that wait.

Are you ready to find out if the product also known as ‘the anti-aging magic bullet’ is right for you? Contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Where Do Brown Spots Come From?

All skin color from the lightest to the darkest is created by melanin.  To quote Professor Nina Jablonski, melanin is “a really cool molecule.”  It is a brown pigment produced by cells called melanocytes, which are found in the top layer of the skin.  The majority of cells in the epidermis are skin cells, which create a protective layer, but about every eighth cell is a melanocyte cell.  Melanin is always being produced in the lower levels of the skin, and the pigmentation then rises to the top of the skin.  The process resembles that of an assembly line.  Anthropologists have been studying melanin in regards to skin color and race in humans for years, but in the skin-care industry, we usually only think about melanin as the cause of hyperpigmentation.  Hyperpigmentation also goes by the term ‘brown spots,’ ‘sun spots’ or ‘age spots.’

Brown spots happen when there is a disturbance somewhere along the ‘assembly line’ of melanin production.  A trigger such as sun-exposure, inflammation, injury or a hormone spike sends a signal to the melanin-stimulating hormones.  After this message is sent, the enzyme tyrosinase is activated.  Once tyrosinase is signaled, the melanocyte cell receives a message to produce pigment.  The melanocytes make melanin and package them into little bundles known as melanosomes.  The cells then disperse pigment upward through the dermis, resulting in hyperpigmentation.

When melanin is produced by one of these triggers, the body doesn’t disperse the pigment in the same way that regular melanin production happens.  Instead, it gets deposited in clumps that show up as spots and discoloration. As the skin ages, the cycle is even less controlled as the cumulative effects of sun exposure and hormonal changes continually interrupt the standard production cycle. As excess melanin is produced, hyperpigmentation forms, creating deposits of color that will stay indefinitely unless treated.

If hyperpigmentation is a concern for you, there are several treatments, such as Fraxel and Photo Genesis which provide excellent results.  A product regimen such as Obagi or using a correcting serum like Skinceuticals’ Pigment Regulator may be recommended by your Aesthetician.  If hyperpigmentation runs in your family, you can contact us to set up a Reveal Skin Analysis and begin a customized preventative program for your skin.

Hormonal Skin

The word ‘hormonal’ is often used to explain away break-outs, bad moods and erratic behavior, but what is the real effect that hormones have on our skin?  Hormonal changes are part of the natural aging process that takes us from adolescence to maturity.

Androgens, which are the hormones that stimulate the sebaceous (oil) glands in the skin, can run the show in our early teens through 20s. When the sebaceous glands are over-stimulated by androgens, acne flare-ups can occur.  Androgens also effect body hair growth.

Estrogen takes center stage as women enter ‘child-bearing years.’  Fluctuations especially during pregnancy can result in increased melanin, body break-outs and dry, rough patches of skin.  Estrogen fluctuations also occur throughout the menstrual cycle for women and these fluctuations often have a strong effect on skin for women beginning or coming off of birth control pills.

The dip in estrogen levels later in life dramatically increases skin sensitivity while also resulting in a downturn in elasticity and collagen.

Stress hormones, such as cortisol and norepinephrine, perhaps have the most powerful effect on skin for both men and women.  Stress hormones are released any time our brains interpret situation as being potentially dangerous, and these hormones interact with and often cause fluctuations in estrogen, testosterone and androgens.

The best thing treatment for ‘hormonal skin’ is two-fold.  First have a professional evaluate your skin.  The most common pitfall in home skin care regimens is treating your skins former condition instead of its current one.  Pregnant women experiencing break-outs may turn to the astringent they used at 16 and pre-menopausal women may notice that their skin seems thinner and just apply more of the moisturizer that they have been using for the past decade when these are not the best products for their current condition.  This inappropriate product use in a home care regimen stresses the skin, causing it to work harder and possibly worsening the condition you are try to fix.

The second part of treating hormonal skin is easier said than done: relax.  Simply taking time to breathe deeply is scientifically proven to reduce stress hormones in the body.

Hormonal skin need not be a synonym for bad skin; take a deep breath and treat your skin well.  To schedule a complimentary consultation to evaluate your skin care products, please contact us.