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  • Not sure what I needReveal Skin AnalysisCustomized Home Care RegimenFraxel®Photo Facial (IPL)Laser GenesisTITAN™ Skin TighteningLaser Retexturizing TreatmentChemical PeelsTriBeca Classic™ FacialAnti-Acne FacialDermaplaningBotoxDermal FillersKybellaLiquid Face LiftLaser Hair RemovalLaser Vein RemovalMicro-NeedlingMultiMask TreatmentCellfinaSculpSureUltherapyMiraDryPlatelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)Micro-ChannelingNova Thread


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  • Not sure what I needReveal Skin AnalysisCustomized Home Care RegimenFraxel®Photo Facial (IPL)Laser GenesisTITAN™ Skin TighteningLaser Retexturizing TreatmentChemical PeelsTriBeca Classic™ FacialAnti-Acne FacialDermaplaningBotoxDermal FillersKybellaLiquid Face LiftLaser Hair RemovalLaser Vein RemovalMicro-NeedlingMultiMask TreatmentCellfinaSculpSureUltherapyMiraDryPlatelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)Micro-ChannelingNova Thread

So I just wanted to share with you ladies that I bought Hydrate last night and did use my tret before it and I can not believe how awesome this product feels!! My skin this morning was so soft and refreshed... I can't believe how big of a difference this is over the others I've been using. I even wanted to use it as my body lotion haha I know everyone already knows how awesome it is but just thought I'd share how much I love it now too!! :)


I came in here because I knew they carry Obagi and that’s what my doctor back home told me to try. They were really thorough and had me do a whole consultation, gave me a checklist to make sure I was doing it right and asked me to come in for a follow-up in two weeks. The lady even gave me her card. I just expected to walk in and buy something, but I ended up feeling like I got my own special one-on-one.


Fraxel was something I read about in Vogue years ago, but the price at my dermatologists office was astronomical. I had been coming to see Michele for Botox and Fillers for about a year when I asked what other treatments they did. When Michele said Fraxel, I thought that it was just meant to be! The price was reasonable and Michele even did the procedure herself. I have one last session to go but have already been getting compliments on my skin. I tell everyone it’s juicing except my daughter, who may get Fraxel for herself for her melasma after the babies. I may even buy her a session for mother’s day. Getting your daughter a mother’s day present is such a joy that it may as well be a good present.


Dr. G has taken years off my face with Botox, radiesse and lip injections and I look natural!


I go here for laser hair removal on my back and shoulders....my girlfriend talked me into it at first but I’m half way through my sessions and loving the huge difference I already see. As I guy I don't normally notice or care about going to a place like this but here I am writing a testimonial bc I'm that impressed and wanted to give props to Camellia the girl who does my hair removal.


The BEST place to get botox in Manhattan! Period.


Tribeca Medspa is the BEST place to go for quality skin care...better than ANY dermatologist I've been to and that's A LOT! I've been dealing with terrible acne since my late 20s (I'm now 32).....until I started seeing Suen for help. She started me on a great skin care regimen and "program" of treatments that got my skin looking flawless....yes flawless! I can’t wait to go home to visit my family in Seattle...they're going to be amazed!

Sarah T.

All my friends joke that I have "age-defying" genes! Little do they know I've been coming here for years...my little secrets are called Botox, Restylane, and Fraxel! You guys are amazing, thank you...


A little oasis amid the bustle of the city, when you walk into Tribeca Medspa you feel more relaxed. It is a quiet and serene atmosphere and everyone is smiling and upbeat. I have some lemon water and sit down and watch a bit of a movie…then my lovely aesthetician Suen brings me in, always smiling with happy things to say. We chat like old friends and she makes sure I am comfortable in every way. Then Michele comes in to continue the work and she is so encouraging and positive. I feel like I am being transformed in her professional and capable hands. Then it is time to go, and I have really enjoyed some “ me” time. I can’t wait for my next visit!


I love Laser Genesis! I can't believe I had never heard about it before I came into Tribeca Medspa... Now it's something I do before every big event. I love getting compliments on my skin.

Amy W.

I am getting married in the fall and have been coming to see Kristen for some pre-wedding facials. I have been having breakouts due to all the wedding planning. She recommended adding the Oxy Trio to my Tribeca Classic facial to deal with the acne. After my second treatment my skin started to look and feel refreshed. I love this treatment. It gives you this amazing glow. I plan to continue with this new regiment as I know it will have my skin looking amazing on my special day.


I really hate shaving and I have extremely sensitive skin, which makes shaving even more dreadful. After shaving I used to always get these red bumps and I wouldn't even dare to put on deodorant. I was finally ready to stop torturing myself with shaving and I decided to get laser hair removal, but was concerned about the affects of laser treatments. As a black woman, I was concerned about hyper pigmentation. I had heard that black women couldn’t get laser treatments, but the aesthetician there, Camellia, explained to me that they have a laser just for women of color. I felt Camellia was very knowledgeable and was honest with me about what to expect. It didn’t even hurt that bad, it was like getting multiple pinches in a row. I've also had the pleasure of getting a facial with Camellia and she has the lightest, warmest touch. If you're serious, go to Tribeca Medspa.


I just turned 42 and I started feeling like I looked just plain old and tired. I really didn’t want to get a face lift so I looked into laser treatments and I found titan. I got titan at Tribeca Medspa and the result was amazing. Even my mother noticed the difference and she didn’t even know I was getting anything done. My face looks a bit more lifted and smoother. It was my first Laser treatment, and Camellia my medical aesthetician was great. She was very patient and educational. I can’t wait to go back for my next treatment.


Hey! Just wanted to thank your office for having me in the end of October. I was visiting from Guadalajara to do some Christmas shopping. I had THE best time of my life!!! By myself in NY!!! It was awesome!! EVEN though i was longer due to the hurricane, I was so glad to be there, and your office made my trip even better!! When my daughter first saw me come off the air plane, she said "Wow Mom? You look so pretty!!" She is 15, so that is a very high compliment! She even commented on my skin!!! I notice my skin glowed for a week after the Genesis treatment. so I need to come back for more of that. The Botox, Juvederm, when applied was probably the best experience I have had so far REALLY thankful for that also. And I have faithfully used my products Thanks so much. Happy Holidays and I hope you all did ok during Sandy!


My job recently relocated me to NYC, and shortly after moving here, my skin started FREAKING OUT! I was breaking out and for the first time in my life I felt really down about my appearance as I've always had good skin.… Long story short, I walked by and stopped in to get a brochure and got so much more. They were able to squeeze me in for a free consultation which was with Suen (an acne specialist). Suen is THE BEST....she explained what was going on with my skin and discovered all the things I was doing on my own was making it worse! She set me up with a whole plan (I even got a calendar with it to keep me on track) I bought a couple products to add to what I was already using. I have been doing peels, some laser treatment and occasionally a facial. Hands down Tribeca Medspa has been the best find in the 6 months I've been here - my skin is looking better than ever before....thank you! :)


I've been a client here since 2008 and I don't know what I'd do without Suen and Michelle - I'm 58 years old and my husband calls me the woman who doesn't age (I hide my secrets well)....thank you!


I go to Tribeca MedSpa once a year or so to get a laser vein removal treatment they have. I get these tiny little purple squiggles around my nose and sometimes on my cheeks and I have really pale skin so they bother me when they happen. The great thing about this is it’s so fast and satisfying - the veins disappear right away…15 minutes in and out and I feel 1,000 times better about how I look.


This place is great! I started having these break-outs out of nowhere and was feeling really bad about my skin. I spent a lot on a whole packages (multiple peels, products, the works really) but it ended up being 110% worth it. I feel so much better about my looks and I'm sure I would have had scars or worse if I hadn't gotten the help.

Amber W.

Michelle is the best. She knows how to enhance your look without being over-done. She is an artist. I am always happy with my results.

Maryam S.

Tribeca MedSpa truly sets itself apart from the pack. I’ve been a client for the past few months and each time I come, their service is top notch. I’m also getting the results that I want with my skincare…and friends, family and colleagues are noticing! Tribeca MedSpa really works to customize my treatments, from skin care to laser hair treatments. The spa is never in a rush to just “get the job done” so they can see the next person. It’s this incredible package—their exceptional services, attention to detail and genuine approach that makes me keep coming back for more.

Nicole G.

As one who has had facials in many high end places, my facial at MedSpa was terrific. Suen made my skin look radiant and what a facial massage!


My girlfriend kept telling me that I needed to get a facial, so I made an appointment at Tribeca MedSpa. I was a bit hesitant at first, since I had never had anything like this done before, but my overall experience was delightful. Everyone was really pleasant, and when I walked in the door I was greeted with a smile from all of the staff present, which definitely helped with my nerves. The esthetician who I saw was excellent. She made me feel really comfortable and gave me great tips on how I can improve my skin. The massage was awesome as well. I never thought I would go get a facial, but after this wonderful experience I plan on going back again and again.


The Best Laser Hair Removal in New York City! Their Laser does not hurt really. I am very sensitive and have had facial and bikini laser hair removal at my physicians office with topical anesthetic previously. The Laser at Tribeca MedSpa is different Sharonna was my esthetician and she took time and the treatment was very pain free. I am very pleased with the results. The spa is immaculate. The staff is friendly and they have all the state of art equipment. If you're really sensitive like me Go for it!


My visit with Tribeca MedSpa for their Tribeca Facial was one of my best facial experiences ever! The spa was beautiful and clean. My facialist, Sue was very informative and gave great information on the ingredients I should use for my dry skin. She added a little massage to my facial and I totally relaxed. Afterwards my skin looked and felt great! This place is a keeper!"


I got my son an anti-acne facial before the school year. He is a teenager and prone to breakouts that are hard on his confidence. I don’t know what they did in there, but it was worth every penny. Not only was my son happy walking out, but he’s also been washing his face! He carries a special face cleanser in his bag now for after karate. I think I'll be sending him back for his birthday.


I had a few sessions of laser hair removal on my back in 2000 and quit, it was too painful, too difficult to schedule and I decided that it didn't bother me that much. Last year my girlfriend started getting Laser Hair Removal at Tribeca MedSpa and I really liked her results. I had never told her that I’d tried it myself a decade ago. I did ask her more than once if it hurt though. I decided if she was tough enough, then I could try it again. It has been great. This laser doesn’t hurt at all compared to what I was expecting and Suen is fast and nice to me at the same time. I’m finally getting rid of the hair that I had been saying didn’t bother me. My girlfriend likes it too.

Chad F.

Professional. Friendly. Honest. Unbelievable results!


I finally got laser hair removal here after thinking about it for years. Camellia (my esthetician) explained how it all works thoroughly and made me feel so comfortable. I got numbing cream for every session because I had it done in a really sensitive area…it does hurt but not nearly as much as waxing. It didn’t happen right away but after 9 treatments the results have been incredible. No more little red bumps or feeling like a plucked chicken after a wax!! I hadn’t planned on it at first, but I think I’m going to do my legs this fall—so worth it!

Stephanie R.

I've been coming here since you opened and just wanted to drop a line to say thank you for keeping me look younger than I am....Michele and Camellia are amazing!

Sherry G.

You will not only walk out of here looking amazing but even more than that is the the level of professionalism and care you will experience from the first person you see to the person treating you! I have never felt better energy walking in and out of a place than I do at Tribeca MedSpa...I really look forward to coming in for my appointments...it's a truly enjoyable experience all around. Thank you for being an establishment in this crazy city who actually cares!!!

Louise R.

I don't normally write reviews but I had to for this place because they do not accept gratuity so this is the least I can do. After getting through puberty and college days without any skin issues at all I started to breakout just around my 30th birthday. It was really upsetting and bothered me a lot!! I tried product after product and dermatologist after dermatologist, spa facials (which scarred me more than helped) and nothing was working. A friend recommended I go here....I was a little skeptical at first as I was always under the impression you had to go to a dermatologist for these issues and I had already spent soooo much money on products and treatments BUT I am so grateful for what they have done for my skin!!! Not only is my skin clear but it looks "radiant" (what I've been told quite a few times)! I've done several chemical peels and just completed my 2nd Fraxel treatment (I have 2 more to go) - the results are AMAZING thus far! Heading in to 32 I look better than ever! I'm also starting laser hair removal this month...so exciting!


Every time I walk out of Tribeca MedSpa, I’m happy. Everyone there, from the front desk to my amazing aesthetician Suen is friendly, knowledgeable, and approachable. I really don’t need to go anywhere else in the city…and that is saying something. It’s comfortable, it’s beautiful, and I know I’m doing something good for myself each time I go.


Wow, what a difference. I never thought about botox myself, but my wife suggested that I go because the lines on my forehead were getting so pronounced and deep. I was hesitant at first because of embarrassment, but I agreed to go for a skin analysis and a consultation. Much to my surprise I felt very comfortable as soon as I walked through the doors of Tribeca MedSpa. I finally decided to give botox a shot (no pun intended). I am extremely happy with the results, I don’t look so worried all the time and I feel confident as well.


I would highly recommend Tribeca MedSpa for botox. I am afraid of needles but really wanted to look good. I am a mom of 2 boys and I felt and looked exhausted. When my oldest son began to mimick my facial expression with a grimacing look I knew it was time to do something. I met with Michele for a consultation. Not only did she listen to all of my concerns, but she took the time to explain the procedure, there was no sales pich and I never felt rushed or pressured. I decided to go ahead and get botox. Now I look rested (although I don’t necessarily feel like it). My eyes are open and I don’t look like I am grimacing all the time anymore. I just look like a better version of me. I could not be happier with my decision to get botox at Tribeca MedSpa. I would highly recommend their medspa to anyone that is considering botox.

Ct Mom

I walked out of Tribeca MedSpa after my 3rd treatment of Fraxel today knowing that I made the right decision. During my first consultation, the medical esthetician explained that it would take about 4 treatments to see results, but my husband and friends already noticed significant improvement with the brown patches on my face and the wrinkles around my eyes. I also noticed it looks tighter! There is a lot of information online about Fraxel and before making a decision I did a lot of research. I found horrifying stories about how painful and how awful you look afterwards. The reality is you are a bit red and puffy for 2 days and the feeling is uncomfortable, but tolerable. The staff was extremely knowledgable, explained everything and made me feel very comfortable. They even called the next day to follow up. My self confidence is back but the best part is, I don't need to wear make up anymore!