A Permanent Style?

Tribeca Medspa

It’s now a topic of conversation… what’s your style?

Bikini style is clearly on the minds of women today.  Clever ads, like the one below, for Schick Quattro Razors run during primetime television.  There was recently scandalous backlash to a British Vogue article written by the sister of the Mayor of London about her underage niece using her credit card for a Brazilian wax.  Even feminist heroines like Naomi Wolf are taking aim at bikini style.  It is discussed in her new book Vagina: a New Biography.  So, what is all the fuss about?

The Brazilian Wax arrived in NYC in the 1980s, was discussed on a national scale on the hit TV showSex and the City in 2000 in an episode where Carrie visited Los Angeles, and is undeniably on view by customers of pornographic websites to the tune of $2.84 billion a year.  Of course, a Brazilian isn’t a lady’s only option, as Marie-Claire is quick to point out in this handy slide show, but it is immensely popular.

The question is: would you make your style permanent?  An overwhelming number of women say yes.

There are many benefits of Laser Hair Removal, but the largest is the permanent reduction of hair which saves you time and money in the long run.  Laser Hair Removal also eliminates the biggest negatives of waxing: monthly upkeep and required ‘stubble’ for each treatment.  Would you be willing to commit to a bikini style forever?  As Roger Friedland points out in a brilliant article titled ‘Looking through the bushes; the disappearance of pubic hair’ for the Huffington Post, “If you look back in our history you can see that it was not long after women showed their legs and their arm pits — with shorter skirts, nylons and the sleeveless dress — that these hair-coverings were shorn away. The same is now happening with the vagina.”

It seems unlikely that the trend will reverse.