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Dear Health Enthusiasts,

I have a simple philosophy: developing a meaningful connection to food and establishing active and healthy habits nourishes the body and the mind. I believe that the creative and interactive aspects of meal planning and exercise are as integral to producing a healthy lifestyle as is the food itself. My practice is built on an evidence-based, holistic approach that stresses specific lifestyle planning tailored to individual needs, and I firmly believe that no single solution is right for everyone. As a result, I apply a personalized methodology, reflecting lifestyle and behavioral factors as well as broader cultural and personal experiences in an effort to help my clients achieve more vibrant and healthy lives.

How did my passion for nutrition develop?

Most young people tend to take health for granted; strength and energy are the expectations of youth and too often little thought goes into the maintenance of optimal bodily function and mental acuity. However, from a young age I became attuned to the role that fitness and health can play in enhancing one’s quality of life. With two parents involved in medicine, family conversation often revolved around mental and physical health issues. Plagued personally in high school with stomach sensitivities, I embraced my family’s familiarity with, and interest in, nutrition, and successfully applied it to ease what seemed to be chronic conditions; as a result, I experienced first-hand not only how nutrition-related illnesses can dominate one’s daily life, but also how nutritional care can free a person to live more fully and deeply.

I am very excited to join the Tribeca MedSpa team and further develop the company’s mission to help our clients look and feel beautiful from the inside out. It is never too early or late to make healthy lifestyle changes and improve your quality of life!

Looking forward to working with you!



Alix Kantowitz, MS, RDN, CDNDirector of Nutrition & Wellness

I am currently offering individual nutrition counseling in the following specialties:

› Aging with Grace- Nutrition for Healthy skin

› Customized Nutritional Program

› Pregnancy Nutrition; Pre and Post Natal Nutrition

› Women’s Health – PCOS, Infertility, Hormonal imbalances

› Weight Management / Post Baby Weight

› Gastrointestinal Issues

› Pediatric and Adolescent Nutrition

› Specialty Diets for Food Allergies and Sensitivities

› Vegetarian/Vegan Diets

› General Health and Wellness

› Cardiovascular Health

› Diabetes Management

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