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Quick Tips: Parent’s Guide to Picky Eating

08 December 2016

No explanation. No fuss. Pure, simple tips from me to you to get your childrens’ nutrition on track. I must admit – I debated if it was realistic to categorize these strategies for managing, or rather, avoiding kitchen battles with your children as a part of my quick tips series. When it comes to dealing…Read More

Quick Tips: Environmental Awareness Edition

01 December 2016

The holiday season is all about giving back and putting our best foot forward as the New Year approaches. When it comes to health, we are all guilty of placing emphasis on ourselves – how can I lose weight, will you help me control my blood sugar…? These questions are totally reasonable and should continue…Read More

Quick Tips: Hydration Edition

08 November 2016

No explanation. No fuss. Pure, simple tips from me to you to get your nutrition on track. 1. Water – you can’t live without it. Ideally 10-12 cups per day, but a daily minimum of at least 8 cups. Start by assessing your fluid needs based on the color of your urine, seasonal temperature changes…Read More