Hello and Welcome!

20 October 2016

Hello and welcome! My name is Alix, and I am the new Director of Nutrition and Wellness at Tribeca MedSpa! I am excited to start this nutrition blog to take you on an adventurous, health journey with me.

My enthusiasm for the field of nutrition stems from my belief that a healthy lifestyle is universally important for all of us – every child and adult – throughout our entire lifecycle. Because proper nutrition is essential for our wellbeing, I want this blog to be different than the typical posts inundating your news feeds. My goal is to write about topics that are specifically significant to your life. Let’s join forces and make this blog interactive. I encourage you to write to me (alix@tribecamedspa.com) with any nutrition-related questions or concerns that you want answered. This blog is for YOU.

As I start this blog, I pledge to you that I will listen closely to your feedback and never let your nutritional curiosity dwindle (and that’s the only political lingo you will ever hear from me).

Happy and healthy living!