Checking In: A Glimpse of Our Health

23 December 2016

Oh happy day! The holidays are fast approaching and the hopeful spirit of the New Year can be felt throughout the city. Hold on to the positive energy – the unique dynamism of this time of year is not to be taken for granted. There is a catch – just like all other areas of life, I caution you to balance the excitement of being surrounded by friends, family and often times strangers during these celebrations, with a simultaneous dedication to ‘me time.’

To be clear – I don’t offer this advice in a Debbie-downer kind of way. On the contrary, I want you to view me as your helping hand, your inner voice telling you to slow down and take it all in…as they say, smell the roses. Can you fault me for that?

While you are mastering the art of balance, perhaps take this exercise even one step further. In addition to working on being more present while you are surrounded by the merry chaos, make sure to also go through what should be an annual checklist.

✓Mental health – What stressors did you need to deal with this year? Have you found productive ways to cope with external pressures? How is your energy level? Are you sleeping well?

✓Physical health – Have you been to the doctor recently? Have you gotten a lab work-up to make sure everything is working the way it should?

✓Emotional health – Do you have a good support system – friends, family, and colleagues? Are you happy? (** the ultimate question**)

✓Lifestyle choices: physical activity – Have you made exercise and movement a part of your weekly routine?

✓Diet – Have you been eating well? Are you feeling good physiologically (no fatigue, migraines, tummy troubles, nutrition related endocrine or hormonal issues)? Do you have concerns about your weight?

✓Life balance – Have you been able to achieve balance with work, family, social obligations and your own health and wellbeing?

Finally, you can check off my favorite bullet point – “Looking Forward.” Here you discover what your accomplishments and struggles were over the course of this year. Using that knowledge, create a game plan for 2017. No, I am not talking about a typical New Year’s resolution! Create a realistic, authentic guide for how you want to live the next 12 months of your life. Perhaps make some small goals, or, maybe just make a few mental notes. Whatever you choose to do, it would be helpful to acknowledge that you have started the tradition of having an annual health check-in that is now a priority in your life and is here to stay. Better yet, don’t wait until December 2017 to evaluate your progress, you can review your health status on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis…you get the point.

On that note, I wish you all the health of mind, body and spirit in the days, weeks, months and YEAR to come 🙂