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21 May 2014

Squalane is a natural organic compound that is produced by all plants and animals, including humans.  When used in a cosmeceutical, Squalane is most commonly derived from shark liver or from plants (usually olives).  When found naturally in humans, Squalane is the most common fat and antioxidant produced in and on human skin.  It is…Read More

Peels Have Come a Long Way

21 May 2014

Chemical Peels can sound daunting. In fact, many people still mention the infamous ‘Sex and the City’ scene where Samantha’s post-peel procedure includes a large black hat with attached veil. The truth about Chemical Peels is a long way from a clever sit-com joke from 2002. Whether or not you peel after your treatment is…Read More

How do you feel about your neck?

18 May 2014

So many of us forget to include the neck in our daily skincare routine until it has become a problem area. This oversight often leads to the neck showing signs of premature aging like dryness, wrinkles and horizontal lines or creases earlier than our faces. If you have concerns about your neck, you have many…Read More

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